What is Beta Version

What is Beta Version: You may have heard of the release of the beta versions. A few years ago, the Beta version was not as common as it is today. Nowadays you will find beta version of all softwares like operating system, video games, web apps, or music players. But do you know what the beta version of any project means? So today in this post we are going to tell you what is meant by beta version of any product.

What is Beta Version

What is Beta Version?

Beta version means app is still in development phase. Beta refers to the development stage of any product that some users group test. The app developer releases the beta version to test the app by users and provide feedback to the developer. The beta version is published for selected people who are allowed to test the app. But some publishers also publicly launch beta versions of their products. Anyone can download and use such applications.

You may have heard that WhatsApp has publicly launched a beta version for its iOS platform which was not there before. So now that the slot is available, any iOS user can download the beta version of WhatsApp.

Beta version is a testing phase in which any errors and bugs in the product are reported by testing the user side. So if a software is released in beta version, it means that there may be some errors and bugs in that software, which the company wants to test from the user side before public release.

Therefore, when users use the beta version, they report errors, bugs and failures. And this is how the publisher company finds out about bugs and errors. And after fixing all the reported bugs the company releases an official version of the products.


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