Important Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows keyboard shortcuts are a combination of a set of keys or a set of keys in the Windows operating system that can be used with keys to perform tasks easily and in a shortcut way. Shortcuts provide an easier and quicker way to use computer programs. These commands are commonly used by combining Alt key, Ctrl, and Shift key with a single letter. Here is a list of Windows keyboard shortcut keys.

Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

Alt+Tab (Switch Tabs)

With the help of these shortcut keys you can switch between open applications in Windows. You can reverse the direction by pressing Alt + Shift + Tab at the same time.

Alt+double-click (Properties)

In Windows 95 and later versions you can display the properties of the object by pressing Alt + double click. If you press Alt + double click on any file or folder then the property of that file or folder will be opened.

Ctrl+Tab (Switch Programs)

Applications that support this feature can be switched between program groups, tabs, or document windows using this shortcut. You can reverse the direction by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab at the same time.

Ctrl+Alt+Del (To Access Task Manager and other Options)

With the help of this shortcut, in later versions of Windows, locking computer, switching user, task manager like Windows option screen will open. If you press Ctrl + Alt + Del multiple times, your computer will reboot.


Press Windows + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager in Windows 7 and later versions.


Most versions of Windows Opens the Windows Start menu. In Windows 7 it opens the Start screen and in Windows 10.


Works to switch between open applications on taskbar.


Windows 7 and later versions opens window control menu for the current open window program.

Shift+Del (Delete Permanenetly)

Used to delete any file and folder permanently.

Ctrl+Shift+N (New Folder)

Used to create a New Folder.

Windows key + Right arrow key

Snap the app or window right.

Windows key + Left arrow key

Snap the app or window left.

Windows key + Shift + S

Capture part of the screen with Snipping tool.


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