How to Use Google Password Checkup Tool

Password Checkup Tool is Google’s new security extension for the Chrome browser that lets users know if their Gmail account details have been compromised. If any user’s password is compromised, the user is alerted from the drop-down menu box and the user is encouraged to change the password. In this article we will explain what is Google Password Checkup Tool and how to use it.

Google has launched this feature after the username and password of its 4 million users got compromised. Google’s new feature, Google Password Checkup tool, lets you know if your account is secure or not, and if your account has been hacked, you can change your password with the help of this extension.

Introduction of Google Password Checkup Tool

The password checkup tool is a security extension of Google Chrome browser that lets you know if your account is in a 4 million hacked account. You can also use this extension to find out if your password has been compromised or not. If your password has been compromised, it will show you a drop-down menu and tell you that your account has been compromised.

With the help of drop-down menu the user can change their password, this feature motivates the users to change their password. Users can ignore this drop-down menu if they wish.

How to Use Google Password Checkup Tool?

Google password checkup tool is a very simple tool, you need to install and activate google chrome extension to use it. You can follow the steps provided below to install and activate the Google Chrome extension.

Step 1:

  • Open the Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Now go to Chrome Web Store.
  • Now install the password checkup extension.

Step 2:

After installing the password checkup extension, you will see its icon on the left side of the browser bar.

  • Now you can open any site on your system
  • If your password is compromised, the Google Password Checkup Tool will turn red.
  • When the color of the icon turns red, a drop down menu will also open with the help of which you can change the password of your account.
  • If your account is not on the hacked list then the extension icon in the browser will be colored, and no warning will be shown for your account.


After installing password checkup extension you can manage it by right clicking on its icon in browser bar. You can either remove this extension by going to the remove option or you can turn on the password checkup extension by going to the manage extensions option.
Additionally if you want to clear password checkup data then password checkup can clear your data by clicking on clear extension data in advanced settings.

With the help of this security extension from Google, you can easily find out if your username and password have been compromised. You can use the security checkup of Google Password Checkup Tool and keep your account secure.

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