How to Use Background Blur Feature in Google Meet

If you regularly attend a lot of office meetings with video conferencing on Google meet and have trouble fixing your background, then Google Meet background blur feature is helpful for you to fix this problem.

Google has finally added a background blur feature to its Meet video conferencing and collaboration tool to blur the background to hide surroundings.


  • Google Account
  • Working internet connectivity
  • Google Chrome browser

Background blurring can be switched off by default, the user has to turn it on manually. This feature is available directly in the browser, it does not require any extensions or additional software.

Here’s how You can blur Your background:

You can follow these steps while staying in the meeting.

  • You can follow these steps while staying in the meeting.
  • At the bottom right you can click More Customize and Control Google Chrome.
  • Then click on the background blur.
  • Follow this step to blur before meeting.
  • Go to and select a meeting.
  • Now click on Turn on background blur in the bottom right corner.
  • Check Your self-view to see your blur background.
  • Blurring the background can slow down your device.

Note: To improve the effectiveness of this feature, the camera should be stable and there should be a short distance between the subject and background.

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