How to Update Google Play Store

How to Update Google Play Store: Google play store is present in all of your phones, especially in Android phones, from which you can download or purchase games, apps, movies, books. But to run this play store in the phone, you have to follow a process.Now creating Play Store id is not a very difficult task, if you follow all the steps mentioned in this post correctly, then you can easily create play store id.

How to Update Google Play Store

Play Store Introduction

When you buy a new Android phone, you are given some apps or games in it. But if you want to download more types of apps or games, then there are two ways to do this, either you can download directly from google or you can use Play Store. Now a question must have come in your mind that when we can download direct apps or games from google, then what is the need of play store. Your question is valid but we want to tell you that you can download third party apps on google. But these apps are not secure and can be dangerous for your phone.

All these third party apps can hack your personal data, which may cost you a lot. If we talk about the play store, then whatever you download from here is completely safe, which will not harm you in any way. If there is any app that threatens your phone or can be harmful for you, then play store removes it. That’s why we recommend you to download and use the apps from play store.

How to Create Play Store ID

Now you understand what is play store. LEts talk about how you can create a play store ID.

If you want to create a Play Store ID, then you must have a Google account. If you don’t then create a google account first.

1- First of all open play store.

2- Now you have to click on the top right side 3 line or profile icon.

3- Now here you are asked for a gmail account, confirm by entering.

4- Now you are asked for the password of this gmail account here, confirm it by entering it.

5- After doing all this, your play store ID will be created.

6- Now you can enjoy many apps and games from here.

7- All these apps are completely safe and secure.

How to Update Apps from on Google Play Store

When you download any apps or games from play store, the developer keep updating their apps and add new features. By updating all these apps, you see something new in those apps or remove any bug in those apps. So following steps is the way to update by which you can update apps

1- First of all open play store.

2- Now click on your profile.

3- Now you get the option of Manage apps & device here.

4- Now here you get the list of all the apps present in the phone.

5- From here you can update all these apps.


How to Update Google Play Store?

Now you can update any apps from play store here, but this question must have come in your mind that how you can update Google Play Store. Steps are given below.

1- First of all go to play store.

2- Now click on your profile photo.

3- Now you get the option of settings here, click on it.

4- Here you get the option of About, click here.

5- Now you get the option of Update Play store here.

6- You can update Google play store from here.


So today in this post we have told you that how you can create Google Play Store ID and how you can Update Google Play Store. We have tried our best to explain it briefly and precisely. In case of any question you can ask by commenting below.

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