Two-step verification helps protect your account from hackers. With two-step verification you can set up Gmail to login with a special code instead of your password. This code will be sent to your phone and will be valid for 30 seconds. So if you also want to secure your Gmail with two-step verification, follow the steps given below.

How to Secure Your Gmail Account with Two-Step Verification

Step 1: Click on your name or photo in the Gmail navigation bar

Step 2: Click on Account.

Step 3: If you do not see your name photo then:

  • Click Gmail in Settings
  • Select settings
  • Go to Accounts & Import tab
  • Then click on Google Account Settings

Step 4: Go to Security category

Step 5: Click on Setup or Edit in Password section 2-Step Verification.

Step 6: Enter your Gmail password and click Sign In.

Step 7: Click on Start setup in 2-step verification

Step 8: If you are using Android, BlackBerry or iOS device

  • Select your phone under Set up your phone section.
  • Install the Google Authenticator app on your phone
  • Open the Google Authenticator app
  • Select ‘+’ in the application
  • Select Scan Barcode
  • Click Next on Browser
  • Focus on the QR code on the web page from the phone’s camera
  • Click on Next in Browser
  • Enter the code for the email address added to the code as shown in the Google Authenticator app or enter the code.
    Click on verify.

Step 9: If you are using any other phone number then:

  • Select text message (SMS) or voice call under setup your phone section.
  • Enter your mobile number in “Add a mobile or landline phone number where Google can send codes”.
  • Choose SMS text message for authentication codes if your phone can receive sms message or automated voice message.
  • Click on Send code.
  • Type the numeric Google verification code you received.
  • Click on Verify.

Step 10: Click on Next.

Step 11: Click Next again

Step 12: To print offline verification codes click on Print codes which you will use to login to your Gmail account when your phone is lost. Keep the code separate from the phone

Step 13: Print the code and write it down and then check ‘Yes, I have a copy of my backup verification codes’.

Step 14: Click on Next

Step 15: Enter the backup phone number so that if your primary phone is lost, you can enter the code on your backup number.

Step 16: Select SMS text message or Automated voice message

Step 17: Click on Next

Step 18: If your add-ons and applications access your Gmail account, click Next.

Step 19: Click on Turn on 2-step verification

Step 20: Click Ok

Step 21: Enter the gmail address in the email
Step 22: Enter the password

Step 23: Click on Sign in

Step 24: Enter the verification code

Step 25: Click on Verify

Step 26: If add-ons and applications access your Gmail account, you need to set up specific passwords for them.

Step 27: Click on Create password

Step 28: Set up passwords for applications that do not work with 2-step verification.

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How to Disable Two-Step Verification

Step 1: Go to the Google two-step verification page
Step 2: Enter Gmail password and sign in
Step 3: Click on Turn off 2-step verification
Step 4: Click on OK
Step 5: Choose SMS text message if your phone can receive SMS messages or Automated voice message to receive authentication codes.


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