How to Make Money From Instagram

How to Make Money From Instagram: One of the most searched keyword in Pakistan is “How did people make money online?”. Google has placed it in the list of top keywords to be searched in Pakistan.

In the current digital era everyone has access to the internet, mobile and computers. And current situation forced the people to start thinking about making money online because they spend most of their time in online activities.

How to Make Money From Instagram

So if you also have a desire to earn money using social media sitting at home? So maybe now your dream can turn into reality. Because, through this article, we are giving you information about a method to earn money online.

You must have probably heard about Instagram. You may also be using Instagram. Do you know that you can earn money from Instagram too! If not then in this article you will know how to earn money from Instagram or what is the way to earn money from Instagram?
What is Instagram?

Instagram is the world’s most widely used photo sharing social media application. You can guess the popularity of Instagram from the fact that there are personal accounts and pages of big celebrities of the world on Instagram. Where they remain active daily and make new posts daily. Where they interact with their fans. Apart from this, millions of people have accounts on Instagram.

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You can also create your own account on Instagram and post your photos and like and comment on other people’s photos. Not only this, you can also watch videos on Instagram.

Now the question is, what has to be done to earn money from Instagram?

Before you are more eager to earn money from Instagram. Let us tell you that to earn money from Instagram, some preparation has to be done first. which are as follows.

Instagram Followers

The most important thing to earn money from Instagram is to have more followers.

Only then any brand will give you a sponsor post or will give an affiliate link. When you have more followers on your Instagram page or profile. That’s why you should try to increase as many followers as possible.

Fan Engagement

Along with being a follower, you also have to establish a strong relationship with your followers on Instagram. Because, when you establish a strong relationship with your Instagram followers, your engagement will also increase.

Which will happen that when you promote a brand or sponsor a brand, then your followers will definitely take interest in that post or brand. Due to which the brand or sponsor post you have promoted will have more sales and your earnings will get a boost too.

User Interest

Before creating a page or your profile on Instagram, you have to keep in mind that the field in which you are interested. You have to select the related topic from the same field so that you can get maximum amount of sponsor posts or offers to promote the brand. So that you can earn more money.

5 cool ways to make money from Instagram?

  1. Affiliate Marketing

  2. Selling Products

  3. Selling Photos

  4. Brand Sponsorships

  5. Selling Instagram Account

Instagram is very famous not only in Pakistan but also in other countries as a popular social media application. Not only ordinary people have accounts on Instagram, as well as the accounts of big celebrities of the world are also on Instagram and those who do not create accounts on Instagram, their fans must create their pages on Instagram whose following is also in millions.

Let us now discuss about how to earn money from Instagram.


Affiliate Marketing

In today’s time, people are also very fond of earning money by doing affiliate marketing. Under Affiliate Marketing, you have to go to popular and trusted websites of the world and join them by creating an account in their affiliate program.

After that you have to generate affiliate link and share that affiliate link at every place from where you feel that some person will definitely buy some product by clicking on that link.

In general, people share affiliate marketing links mostly on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media sites. Because many people spend their time on these social media sites, due to which the chances of clicking on the affiliate link are very high.

When you share your affiliate link on social media, after that if any person buys any product or service by clicking on this link, then you will get commission on every sold product from that website or company. Whose affiliate program you have joined.

However, let us tell you that you cannot post links on Instagram. Rather, if you want, you can connect with the affiliate marketing website and add the coupon code of any of their products to your post.

Meaning you can make a banner. In this way, when a person buys something using the coupon code, then that person will also get a discount and you will also get a commission.

Selling Product

If you have a product and you want to sell that product online, then you can do so with the help of Instagram.

Whatever product you want to sell online, first take a photo of it and upload its photo from your Instagram account. Also, in the description, you must write the details of the price you are asking for that product and the details of your product.

By doing this, if someone likes your product, then he will definitely contact you to buy your product. After which you can sell your product when the deal settles and you can make money online from Instagram.

Selling Photos

Most people use Instagram only to post their new photos. Because, it has been created for sharing the post itself.

But there are many people who are very fond of photography and that is why when they go somewhere to roam in a good place, then they can take good photos from different angles from their smartphone or DSLR camera. Click and then post it from your Instagram account.

If you also have an interest in photography and you know how to take good photos or you have a collection of good photos, then you can earn money from Instagram by using it.

For this, you have to advertise your good photos by uploading them on your Instagram account.

However, for this, you have to keep one thing in mind, whenever you upload any photo on your Instagram account, then you must add your watermark to it or write your name in the caption so that no other person can use your photo.

If any person or institute likes your photo, then he will contact you to buy your photo, after which you can deal with him and earn by selling the photo.

Brand Sponsorships

The most popular way to earn money online from Instagram application is through brand sponsorship. At present, when a person launches any of his brand or product, he wants that the information of his brand or product should reach more and more people in a very short time. So that people know about his brand or sell more of his product.

That’s why brands use online marketing to promote their brands. Because they know that most of the people are now spending a lot of their time on the Internet.

If you have more followers on your Instagram profile or you have more followers on your Instagram page. So you can promote a person’s brand or product with the help of your profile or page. And in return, you can charge a substantial amount from that person or brand / company and earn money from Instagram.

To earn money by sponsoring brands on Instagram, you must have more followers on your Instagram profile or page. In such a situation, the person or the company itself will contact you who wants to promote their brand.

Selling Instagram Account

There are many people in the world who have sold their Instagram account for very good prices and they have got a lot of money after selling their Instagram account.

If you have an account on Instagram and you have more followers then you can sell your Instagram account at a good price.
Here let us tell you that the more followers of your Instagram account will be on your Instagram. You will get more money for Instagram account.

If you currently do not have many followers on Instagram, then you should first increase the follower on Instagram and after increasing the follower, sell your Instagram account.


In this article we have told you another way to earn money online. In this post we have shared five interesting ways to earn money from Instagram.

If you use any of these methods properly and with full hard work, then you will definitely be able to earn money online from Instagram.

We hope that you will like this article and prove useful for you.