How to Make a YouTube Video

How to Make a YouTube Video: Once YouTube was just a video website on the internet that was used for video browsing. But today, it is one of the largest online video platform with billions of active users.

YouTube is a platform that can make you famous overnight. Thousands of YouTubers have traveled from beginner to superstar. Not only has he earned fame and influence, but he has also earned money along the way. However, it all starts with a passion.

How to Make a YouTube Video

Anyone who is passionate about creating video content and wants to reach people around the world, should try their hand at YouTube. The most important thing to remember is that it takes months and sometimes even years of effort to gain recognition and build a following. But once your popularity increases, you need to keep creating videos to stay relevant and successful. Here are some tips for starting a successful YouTube career for You.

Tips to Make A Good YouTube Video

Tips to Make a Good YouTube Video

Build a Strategy

First of all plan the type of video you want to create. And stick to your chosen style so that you don’t confuse yourself or your audience. Strategy is very imortant in building a successful Youtube career.

Select a Better Video Editor

A video editor is essential software for creating professional looking videos for Youtbe. Although they may seem daunting to use, nowadays, many video editors are available for free.That are very simple and easy to use. In addition, introduction of AI technology allows the video editor to detect errors in sound and color grading and resolution. These editors are available for Windows, MAC, Android, IOS and all other operating systems.

Show Good Side of Your Personality

Be natural and originol on Your Youtube videos.If you’re naturally funny and charming, don’t hesitate to show that. This is the thing that will attract the audience and make you their favorite.

Don’t Do This For Fame or Money

If you start your YouTube journey thinking about when you will make it big and make a lot of money and earn fame, chances are you will fail. Instead, the aim should be to have fun and create content that you love to create and enjoy. More importantly, the content your audience wants.

Idea is Very Important

You may get out of ideas some times.Not everyone has ideas for videos all the time. You may have a broad range of topics you want to cover, but for specific ideas, search YouTube itself and see what kinds of videos YouTubers are making in your style. You can also get a lot of inspiration by checking out the feedback on your competitors’ videos and looking at the comments of your videos. There are also communities and groups where video ideas are discussed. Reddit and Qoura are the source of inspiration and ideas as well.

Know The Audience That You are Going to Target

It is essential to know the audience you will be targeting. Before deciding on video ideas, you need to know what content your target audience consumes or would love on a regular basis. Your videos need to entertain them or add some value to their lives, otherwise they will click away.

Right Equipment Matters

The right equipment is essential for producing good videos. YouTube algorithms are tuned in such way that only good quality videos find their way to viewers, while poor quality or choppy videos are eliminated. That’s why a good camera and a good video editor are essential. Also, if you’re going to add audio, have a separate microphone for it. However, don’t invest in expensive equipment right from the start. Once you’ve established your channel, consider leveling up.

Be a Good Photo Editor

Learning to use Photoshop and other Photo editing tools is worth spending your precious time on. This will help you integrate images into your video thumbnails to make them eye-catching and exciting. When it comes to YouTube, thumbnails play an important role in determining which videos users will click on and which videos they will ignore.

Script Your Content

You don’t need a fixed script for every video, but it’s a good idea to have a general outline. This will help you stay on topic and cover everything you want to discuss in the video.

Have an Attractive Background

Your videos must be shot in a clean environment. This will impress your audience. On the other hand, it can be embarrassing if your background is dirty and poorly kept. You can also add a little decoration and lighting to your room.

Have a Good and Short Intro and Outro

Adding distinctive intro and outro music will add a different factor to your video that will help viewers remember you. It also keeps the video from feeling too fresh. It is important for you branding.

Do Good Video Optimization(SEO)

You have to optimize the words used in your video title and description so that search engines can select your video for maximum results. Again, SEO is the single most important factor in helping your audience find the right content. Do a good keyword research and target the keyword that have good search volume,

Create Long Videos

Youtube algorithm give importance to long and detailed videos. Very short videos don’t show up in YouTube search results because the algorithm moves up longer videos. This is because YouTube wants people to spend as much time as possible on the website. And watching longer videos ensures this. So try to keep your video above 10 minutes to appear on the first few pages of YouTube search. For short videos You can use Youtube Short that is dedicated for short videos.

A Good Introduction is a Good Start

The first 10 seconds of your video are the very very important. This is where you have to hook your users and make sure they don’t click away. Say something funny or interesting that encourages viewers to watch the rest of the video.

Choose an Exciting or Trending Topic

Your videos must be engaging in some way for people to see. So choose issues that are relevant and trending. For example, videos on financial investing, cryptocurrency and food are always a hit on YouTube. Like there are How-to videos and Factual videos. With the help of these tips, you can embark on an artistically fulfilling and financially fruitful journey on YouTube.


In this article, we have discussed in detail how to make your first video on YouTube. You can make a successful career on YouTube. Important tips have also been shared for this.

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