How to Hide Phone Screen

How to Hide Phone Screen : Friends, sometimes it happens that we are running our phone and suddenly someone comes from behind or if someone starts asking for your phone suddenly, then your secret data can be exposed. In such a situation, you need a solution to avoid this, which we are going to give you in today’s post. Yes friends, you can hide your phone screen, which only you will know how to open it later. So if you also want to learn “How to hide your mobile screen”, then stay tuned with us in this post and let’s start.

How to Hide Phone Screen

Now if you want to hide the phone screen, then let us tell you that for this you have to download a small app in your phone, which you can download very easily by clicking on the download button given below. Now understand the work of this app which is very interesting.

If you download and set this app on your phone, then after that an eye icon comes on the screen of your phone. If you click on it, your phone screen will disappear. After the screen disappears, only you will know how to open, so that your important data can be secured and you can use your smartphone easily.

Step by Step Guide

Follow the steps given below in order to hide your screen.

1- First of all download the Screen Hider App in the phone.

How to Hide Phone Screen

2- Now open it and allow all the permissions.

3- Now you get to see the Start button in front of you, click this button.

4- As soon as you start it, an eye icon will appear on the screen of your phone.

5- Now whenever you want to hide the phone screen, press this eye icon once.

6- After that the phone screen will be hidden.

7- Now if you want to bring the phone screen back, then press the Back button 3 times.

8- As soon as this is done, the screen of the phone will come back.

So friends, if you also always have the fear of losing your important data, then your fear can be reduced a little or even completely removed with the help of this app. If you use it properly. Hope you liked this post of ours, got to learn something new and now you have also learned how to hide phone screen, then you must tell us by commenting and you can also follow us.

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