How to Enable Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock in Android

Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock in Android


  • WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock is also available for Android users.
  • Now you can unlock your WhatsApp application using the fingerprint sensor of your phone.
  • If this option is not available in your Whatsapp just update your WhatsApp application.

Finally, now we will be using WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock in Android as well. WhatsApp has now made Fingerprint Lock Feature available for Android users.

Previously it was only for iOS users, but now WhatsApp on Android has also got this feature, and this new feature which is by default will be disabled. You can enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock in your settings.

This new WhatsApp feature allows its users to give extra protection to their WhatsApp chats, and with this new feature you will also be able to decide which notifications will be sent to you in WhatsApp message and sender preview. Whether you want to show or hide. Now you can enable or disable this feature.

WhatsApp rolled out a biometric unlock feature for iOS users in February this year, a feature that iPhone users can use Face ID or Touch ID to add extra protection to their phone, depending on the future phone’s capabilities. Now WhatsApp has brought the same feature to Android users.

All Android smartphone users who use WhatsApp Android can now use fingerprint sensors to unlock their smartphones, if you are a android user then update WhatsApp’s Android app now to the latest version.
Once you’ve updated to the whatsapp to the latest version, you’ll need to follow the steps below to enable fingerprint lock:

Step 1: First you have to open WhatsApp and then go to the menu by clicking on the top corner.

whatsapp fingerprint lock

Step 2: Then go to Settings.

how to enable fingerprint lock

Step 3: Now go to account.

how to enable fingerprint lock on android

Step 4: Now go to the Privacy option.

Step 5: After coming to the Privacy option scroll down and open Fingerprint Lock option.

whatsapp fingerprint lock enable


  • This option will be turned off by default.
  • Now you have to enable the fingerprint feature by tapping here.
  • After that you have to touch your fingerprint sensor.

Now you have to select the time duration after which you want to youe whatsapp to get locked.You can select from 1 to 30 minutes.
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