how to create invitation link for whatsapp group

How to Create Invitation Link for Whatsapp Group : Hello friends, today’s post is about how to create whatsapp group invite link, what is whatsapp and how popular it is.  Whatsapp now being used all over the world and it is a popular instant messenger application in the world.

Whatsapp provides plenty of useful features to it’s users. Whatsapp group is one of the best and most used feature of whatsapp. On Whatsapp you can create groups where you can add your friends, family members, office colleagues and other people.

how to create invitation link for whatsapp group

What is The Invitation Link?

Invitation link is a specific link that can be used to add or invite people to a specific whatsapp group.

If you have a whatsapp group then You can manually add members or contacts to it . It can be difficult for you. There is another easy and simple method that you can use to add members to your whatsapp group. That is by creating an invitation link and sharing it with the people you want to add in that group. And people can join your group easily by clicking on the invitation link.

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How to Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link?

Step No 1:

First, you need to update your old version of WhatsApp by connecting it to Google Play Store. Open  WhatsApp and then open your group. To open a group, click on the three-dot icon, then click on “Group Info”.

Step No 2:

Now everything about your group will appear in front of you, you just see the “Add Participants” option below, click on it.

Step No 3:

After clicking on participants another page will appear from where you have to click on “Invite to Group Via Link”.

Step No 4:

Now the link will be created, you can copy this link share it on Facebook, Google+ Twitter or any website or friend . You can also email it to your friend. By following this link any of your friend can become a member of your whatsapp group.


You can share it with any friend by creating a link to your WhatsApp group and tell them to click on this link to join your group. If you like this post then share this post.