Computer Keyboard Function Keys Shortcuts

Computer keyboard function keys or F-keys marked from F1 to F12 are keys defined by operating system. These can be combined with Alt or Ctrl keys. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that use keyboard function keys.

Keyboard Function Keys


Almost always used as a help key, when this key is pressed the help screen of almost any program is opened. This will open the Windows help screen for you if you are on the Windows screen.


Allows you to rename any selected icon, file or folder.


Opens the search feature of any active application with Microsoft Windows.


Windows 95 and later versions open the drive selection or address bar while browsing in Windows Explorer. Pressing Alt + F4 closes the open program. Ctrl + F4 closes the open window in the current active window.


Pressing F5 in all modern browsers refreshes or reloads a page or document.


Moves the cursor to the address bar of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers.


Commonly in Microsoft programs like Microsoft Word, Outlook etc. It is used to check the spelling and grammar of the document.


While booting the computer; pressing repeatedly starts the computer in safe mode.


In Microsoft Word refreshes the document and in Microsoft Outlook sends and receive emails.


Activates the File menu in all computer versions. Right click on selected item works, this tab works when right clicking with mouse is not possible.


Used to switch to full screen mode in Internet Browser.


In Microsoft Word opens the save as dialog box.


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