Best PDF Scanner App for Android

Best PDF Scanner App for Android: Friends, you all know very well that in this world of internet, everyone uses an android phone, and also want to do many types of office related work from their android phone itself. In such a situation, if you need to create a PDF file, but you do not understand which app would be easier to create pdf in mobile. Many questions keep arising in your mind, so that’s why today We will tell you about the easiest and best app or Best PDF scanner for android to create PDF stay tuned to know.

Best PDF Scanner App for Android

Best App to Create PDF in Android

If you open google play store in your phone and search image to pdf, then you will see thousands of apps. But out of these which app is the best, today we will tell you. The best pdf scanner for android we are going to tell you is being used by 10M+ people and also has the rating of 4.7, now you can imagine yourself how great and how easy this pdf scanner will be.

If now you want to download this pdf scanner, then you can download it very easily by clicking on the download button given below. Now from this app you follow the steps given below to know.

Best PDF Scanner App for Android

1- First of all download the Documents Scan app in the phone.

2- After giving all the permissions, open it.

3- As soon as you open this app, you will get to see some options here.

4- If you want to create PDF file then click on camera or on import images for that.

5- With the help of these 2 options, you can create pdf file.

6- If you want to scan any PDF file then click on smart scan.

7- Keep in mind one thing that this app also has some features that you will have to buy.

8- You can buy if you want.

9- If you just want to scan and create PDF, then you can use it for free.

10- In this app, even if you put any folded broken page, then it will also come straight.

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Question-1: Which is the best PDF scanner?

Answer: – If you are looking for a best PDF scanner then you can use Document scan which is the best and easiest PDF scanner app.

Question-2 : How to scan PDF?

Answer: – To scan any PDF, download the document scan app and select the option of smart scan.
Question-3: What is PDF Scanner?

Answer: – If you have a PDF and you want to edit it, then you can do this with the help of PDF scanner, this is PDF scanner.

Question-4: How to scan from mobile?

Answer: – To scan any pdf from mobile, you have to download an app on your phone, now you can scan any pdf file with the help of app in mobile itself.


Today we have told you about a best pdf scanner for android app in this post, in which you can scan pdf as well as create pdf, that too very easily. Hope you have liked this post of ours, got to learn something new and now you must have found the easiest and best app to make pdf, then you must tell us by commenting and you can also follow us.