Best Chat Lock for Your Whatsapp Messenger

Best Chat Lock for Your Whatsapp Messenger: Whatsapp is used by millions and all of your friends as well, in which you chat with a lot of your friends, share videos photos to each other. But sometimes it happens that you talk to one of your special friends or if you say girl friend, whom you want to hide the most. In such a situation, you are looking for the best whatsapp lock, so today your search is over, today we are going to tell you such a tremendous Whatsapp lock in this post, which can make your chats secure that no one can open even after seeing it because there is no need to open it. There is some strange trick. Let us further tell you what is this Whatsapp lock.

Best Chat Lock for Your Whatsapp Messenger

What is this Whatsapp lock

Friends, if you are also worried about the privacy of your whatsapp, then do not worry, today we will tell you about such a trick or if you say in this post about Whatsapp lock, so that your whatsapp will be completely safe and no one will be able to open it even if you want. Yes, friends because the trick to open this WhatsApp lock is very unique. You can download this Whatsapp lock very easily by clicking on the download button given below. Let us tell you how the lock is opened.

How to Use This Whatsapp Lock

All of you must be getting desperate to know what is this whatsapp lock and how it opens. Let me tell you that if you set it on your phone and go to it and turn on the setting of whatsapp, then you can put a fake whatsapp cover here. Which will appear when you open your whatsapp. Here you get all the options like on Sam WhatsApp but if you want to go to your real WhatsApp then you have to press the below Contact button 3 times. Only after that you can access your whatsapp.

Follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Set This Whatsapp Lock

1- First of all download this Whatsapp lock on your phone.

2- Now open it after giving all the permissions.

3- Now you have to create your own password here.

4- Please enter email for recovery.

5- After this you get an option of Whatsapp here, turn it on.

6- After this you have to come down a bit and click on Interactive cover.

7- Now select Whatsapp here.

8- Now turn on this setting here.

9- After this it will be set.

10- Now whenever you try to open your whatsapp, a fake cover will appear.

11- Won’t do anything here but will look like WhatsApp.

12- If you press 3 times on the button below it will open.

This lock is awesome, must try it once

Today we have told you this whatsapp lock in this post which is very tremendous. Hope you liked this post of ours, you must have got to learn something new. In case of any qustion you must tell us by commenting and you can also follow us.

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